Oak Grove Montessori School
The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. - Maria Montessori


Oak Grove Garb!

Lands’ End and Oak Grove join forces to bring you the finest Oak Grove Apparel!

Shopping instructions below:

  • go to www.landsend.com
  • go to the “School Uniforms” header
  • go down to “Find your school’s dress code”
  • go to the “Find my school using my preferred school number: 900153420”
  • fill out info and click on “Save school”
  • set up your account information
  • click on “Shop for this school”
  • shop, shop, shop!
  • when you find an item that you want (size, color, etc.) you will be asked if you want logo ($5.50) or no logo
  • follow regular on-line shopping check out procedure