Oak Grove Montessori School
The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. - Maria Montessori

Welcome to Oak Grove Montessori School

Oak Grove Montessori School, located in Mansfield CT, is a non-profit co-educational school for children ages 2 years, 9 months to 12 years old. Founded in 1981, Oak Grove’s mission is to provide a nurturing, high quality Montessori educational program in which children can realize their fullest potential.

Oak Grove’s principals guide the Montessori methods and philosophy to:

  • Encourage the development in each child of a positive self image
  • Create an awareness of the world around them
  • Support awareness of their own feelings
  • Support a sensitivity to the feelings of others
  • Foster a lifelong love of learning through the development of self-discipline and independence

“If young people are to meet the challenges of survival that face them today, it is imperative that they develop to the fullest extent possible their potential for creativity, initiative, independence, inner discipline and self-confidence. This is the central focus of Montessori education.”

– Maria Montessori

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Oak Grove Montessori School