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The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. - Maria Montessori


Give to OGMS

Dear Friend of Oak Grove Montessori School,

Many of you may remember the story of “Stone Soup,” in which a hungry traveler arrives in a village, professing his ability to make soup out of only a stone. One by one the villagers come forward with a single ingredient to add (an onion, a carrot, a potato) and soon there is enough delicious and nourishing soup for the entire village to share. During the harvest season, making and sharing Stone Soup is an annual tradition at Oak Grove. It is a time for our students to see first hand that by working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good is achieved.

My “stone soup” finished cooking moments before the doors opened to start this school year. I now know, without a doubt, how much work can get done when a group of talented individuals impassioned by a shared goal, coalesce! Our common objective was clear: raise the bar, intensify the energy, and ready the Oak Grove community for the next 30 years. We made great and important strides. We worked hand in hand, we re-wrote, re-designed, re-organized, re-painted, re-structured, re-vamped, re-focused, and reminded ourselves why we all love this common calling. As the doors opened for our first day of the new school year, the excitement of our community was unmistakable. We all sensed the touch of special energy that comes along with constructive renewal. I knew that OUR “soup” would nourish the parents, children and staff through the months of hard work ahead.

Indeed, we have much to be thankful, but we also have much to do in the year ahead. Unfortunately, tuition alone cannot cover the programs that make Oak Grove the extraordinary environment for our children to grow and learn. I desperately need parents, former parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends to help me bridge the gap by generously giving to the Annual Fund. These funds will benefit our school by supporting our amazing staff, providing financial aid to worthy families, and to help fund special programs to enhance the curriculum.

This year I am asking you to make your gift to Oak Grove in the collaborative spirit of “Stone Soup.” Each tax-deductible donation, large or small, will help nourish and sustain the traditions of our remarkable school, while also helping to support the future generations of Oak Grovers. Your donation strengthens our ability to provide an outstanding Montessori experience, while enhancing the education for all the children of our community.

Thank you for your generosity. I wish you and your family a bountiful and thankful harvest season. I urge you to gather your family and friends and make a pot of Stone Soup. I can guarantee that it will be the best tasting soup of the season!


Susan Angelides

Head of School