Oak Grove Montessori School
The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. - Maria Montessori
Oak Grove Montessori School About Us

Our Community



  • Susan Angelides, Head of School
  • Cindy Henry, Assistant to the Head of School
  • Jennifer Nelson, Business Manager
  • JoAnn Aitken, RN

Children’s House

  • Robyn VanLandingham, Head Teacher
  • Audrey Blake, Assistant Teacher

Lower Elementary Classroom

  • Willa Biewald, Head Teacher
  • Natasha Sheer, Assistant Teacher
  • Sheila Kaytis, Assistant Teacher  

Upper Elementary Classroom

  • Hannah Army, Head Teacher
  • David Silsbee, Teacher

Learning Specialist

  • Lisa Jordan

Before and After School Care Program

  • Kyle Dunnack
  • Emilie Ackerman


Board of Trustees

  • Susan Angelides, Head of School (ex-officio)
  • Thomas Army, Vice Chair
  • Sherry D’Alessandro, Secretary
  • Mick DiGrazia, Treasurer
  • Mike Gnazzo, Chair  
  • Amy Lambeck
  • Jon Landry
  • Kelly Mabry, At-Large Executive Committee Member
  • Bill Piotroski
  • Bob Powell
  • Ricardo Trindade