Oak Grove Montessori School
The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. - Maria Montessori
Oak Grove Montessori School About Us

About Us

History of Oak Grove Montessori School

The story of Oak Grove Montessori School is a story of a vision for our children and the growth of our community. It is Maria Montessori’s story. It is our founding parents’ story. It is also your story.

Founded in 1981 by a group of parents, Oak Grove opened with one 6-9 year old classroom in a rented space in Willimantic, CT. By 1984, this intrepid group had purchased land and built our current facility in Mansfield, CT, expanding to include a 9-12 year old classroom. In 1987, a third classroom was added to accommodate the newly formed 3-6 year old classroom. In 2003, a large addition was added to the building, doubling the size. This addition gave us the room to add parent space, a health room, a conference room, office space and a new 9-12 classroom.

Oak Grove is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of parents, staff, community representatives and the Head of School. Oak Grove is affiliated with the American Montessori Society and the Montessori Schools of Connecticut. It is an accredited member of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools.

Our Mission

Nurture the child. Empower the student. Unleash the potential.

Our Philosophy

We will be accessible to a diverse community of children. We will be guided by Montessori methods and philosophy:

  • Encouraging the development in each child of a positive self image
  • Creating an awareness of the world around them
  • Supporting an awareness of their own feelings
  • Supporting a sensitivity to the feelings of others
  • Fostering a lifelong love of learning through the development of self discipline and independence
  • Developmental needs of children are universal and transcend cultural differences
  • Children have within them a natural urge to explore and discover the world around them and find joy in learning when they are actively engaged in the learning process
  • Children learn best when competencies are fostered through repetitive, successful experiences and failures are de-emphasized
  • Children internalize concepts and skills at their own pace
  • Children learn best in an environment of mutual respect and one that provides opportunities for cognitive, social, emotional, moral and physical growth
  • Children need opportunities to make choices. These choices foster independence, self-esteem and self-discipline
  • Multi-aged grouping provides opportunities for peer teaching, sharingand natural development
  • A multi-sensory approach maximizes learning because it provides for individual learning styles

We will utilize resources effectively, responsibly and creatively:

  • Parent involvement will be a key component in running the school
  • A balance between existing and new programs will be respected
  • We will be realistic about available resources. We will be creative in developing new and expanded resources
  • Community interaction will expand and diversify our program

Our Goals and Objectives

  • To guide children in their natural development
  • To provide rich experiences
  • To stimulate growth and socialization
  • To provide tools to help acquire skills
  • To foster independence
  • To encourage creativity
  • To create a love of learning
  • To develop the child’s potential to the fullest